Our Mission & Vision

SaHA Planning Studio, LLC is an expansive spatial practice that centers collective well-being through reparative praxis. We facilitate innovative and reparative planning processes by integrating critical theory and liberating practice. Our vision is a more just, equitable, and ethical future in which healthy places thrive.   

Our Values

We value INCLUSIVITY. We decenter the planner as the expert. We honor community knowledge, diversity, and agency, positioning community voices as leaders in the planning process.

We value INTEGRITY. We facilitate equitable, transparent, honorable actions and processes. We believe in an honest process that aims to achieve collective well-being through expansive research, analysis, and invention.   

We value INGENUITY. We engage in creative solutions to complex problems. Therefore, we aim to explore concepts outside of the given constraints and use reimagining as a powerful tool of innovation.

Our Services

We provide, spatial, site, and strategic land use planning; community engagement , facilitation, and mediation services; community historical analysis and power mapping.