West Jackson Master Plan

As Lead Planner for Duvall Decker, I facilitated a community-initiated planning process for an area just west of downtown Jackson. We focused on building community consensus through an aggressive engagement process. I, along with a team, researched and analyzed physical, demographic, cultural, and historic contexts to produce a community guidebook of best practices for development.

Hope Small Town Partnerships

Through Partnership with Hope Credit Union and Duvall Decker, seven communities within the State of Mississippi underwent a strategic planning process. This project involved researching the historical contexts, analyzing the demographic and economic characteristics, and community engagement processes for each city. We worked with residents, elected officials, community leaders, and business professionals to identify strategies that would encourage economic and cultural growth.

Freedom Summer 50th

I produced graphic design and facilities planning and management for the Freedom Summer 50th Anniversary Conference. Large scale memorials were designed to honor participants and those murdered in Mississippi during the Freedom Summer Project. Campus maps and signage were developed to organized conference logistics and to facilitate wayfinding for participants. Images of live event courtesy of Mark Howell for Duvall Decker Architects, P. A.

Holmes County School District

In this plan, I, along with a team from Duvall Decker, evaluated seven schools within the Holmes County School District to recommend best practices for maintenance, renovation, and new construction. Current trends in 21st-century learning, school performance ratings, and performance expectations informed the planning of the school’s built environment.

Tougaloo College Campus Plan

As a campus planner for Duvall Decker, facilitated a campus planning process that involved analyzing current conditions, academic needs, and student services requirements. I developed maintenance, renovation, and new construction plans, schedules, and budgets, based on future forecasting.