SaHA Planning Studio envisions places where historically targeted communities achieve collective well-being.

We define collective well-being as the ability for a group of people in a specific geographical location to assess:

  1. Mobility | the ability to move through and to spaces and places freely without fear
  2. Life | the opportunity to thrive and realize aspiration, dreams, and purpose without structural barriers
  3. Breath | surrounded by quality air, water, and land that promotes the fullness of breath without toxicity
  4. Dignity | living in a physical, political, social, and cultural environment that promotes life-affirming dignity without discrimination

We aim to advance a culture of health through spatial and health advocacy that prioritizes collective well-being. We analyzed the environmental aspects of community health (access, infrastructure, proximities, and physical characteristics) and the psycho-socio-cultural aspects of the community (spatial histories, sociopolitical context, and local culture). In our work, we ask why are we here? And how did we get here? In doing so, we seek to uproot unhealthy plans, processes, and policies that keep communities from achieving collective well-being.