SaHA Planning Studio believes in a theory-informed community-based planning process.

Good planning involves expansive, iterative, and nonlinear phases of research, analysis, and invention. Each phase informs the other to gain holistic insight. Our approach integrates theoretical frameworks that are grounded in the lived experiences of communities and centers community knowledge.  We practice co-designed and collaborative planning processes that are informed by theory and contribute to grounded theory-building.  

In our approach, we acknowledge the complexities of how places hurt and aim to redress this hurt through reparative planning processes. This involves understanding places through a historical lens that situates places within societal structures. In doing so, we practice an ethic of care that seeks to improve communities’ collective well-being. While our planning processes typically cycle through research, analysis, and invention phases, the community is the foundation that directs these phases, and reparative praxis defines them.